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Law and the Future of War

UQ Law and the Future of War

Through conversation with experts in technology, law and military affairs, this series explores how new military technology and international law interact. Produced by Dr Simon McKenzie at The University of Queensland School of Law.

Recent Episodes

Precautions in attack and coalition operations in Mosul - Lauren SandersSeptember 16, 2021 Episode artwork Drone strikes and the safety of civilians - Joshua Andresen September 02, 2021 Episode artwork Legal standards for AI: law and the reasonable robot - Ryan AbbottAugust 17, 2021 Episode artwork Space force - Jessie DumontAugust 05, 2021 Episode artwork Experimenting on humans and international law - Thibault MoulinJuly 22, 2021 Episode artwork The new and old of emerging military technology - Maaike VerbruggenJuly 08, 2021 Episode artwork Legal regulation of military activities in space - Dale StephensJune 24, 2021 Episode artwork Forecasting military technology and strategic challenges - Michael O'HanlonJune 10, 2021 Episode artwork Submarine cables and the law of armed conflict - Rob McLaughlin, Tamsin Paige and Douglas GuilfoyleMay 27, 2021 Episode artwork Cyber autonomy - Ryan KoMay 13, 2021 Episode artwork The infrastructure of the internet - Scott WilkieApril 29, 2021 Episode artwork Data as an object in IHL - Simon McKenzieApril 15, 2021 Episode artwork The Banning of Hostile Environmental Modification in the ENMOD Convention - Emily CrawfordApril 01, 2021 Episode artwork Metaphors and cyberspace - Julia SlupskaMarch 18, 2021 Episode artwork The ICRC's perspective on new technology and international humanitarian law - Cordula DroegeMarch 04, 2021 Episode artwork Countermeasures in cyberspace - Samuli HaatajaFebruary 18, 2021 Episode artwork The role of the military defending cyber operations against critical infrastructure - Rhiannon Neilsen and Karine PontbriandFebruary 04, 2021 Episode artwork International Law in Cyber Space and the Tallinn Manuals - Michael SchmittJanuary 21, 2021 Episode artwork The Obligation to Review New Weapons - Natalia JevglevskajaJanuary 07, 2021 Episode artwork The Future of Military Technology - Jason Scholz and Simon NgDecember 17, 2020 Episode artwork Autonomy in Weapons and the Law - Tim McFarlandDecember 03, 2020 Episode artwork LFW Explainer: Brereton Report into alleged Australian war crimes with Eve Massingham and Rain LiivojaNovember 24, 2020 Episode artwork Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty and Australia - Anna Hood and Monique CormierNovember 19, 2020 Episode artwork The Basics of the Weapons Law in Armed Conflict - Eve MassinghamNovember 05, 2020 Episode artwork The Law of Armed Conflict and New Technology - Rain LiivojaOctober 23, 2020 Episode artwork