Law and the Future of War

War Lawyers - Craig Jones

May 05, 2022 Season 3 Episode 9
Law and the Future of War
War Lawyers - Craig Jones
Show Notes

Dr Craig Jones speaks to Dr Lauren Sanders about his book: War Lawyers, to discuss how some militaries provide legal advice during targeting operations. They talk about the history of operations law, & how this advice is dispensed as well as talking about some challenges & issues with this current model of lawyering.

Dr Craig Jones is the author of The War Lawyers & a lecturer in political geography in the School of Geography, Sociology, & Politics at Newcastle University.  His research focuses on war and (para)military violence, conflict medicine & forced displacement, the geographies of international law & the contemporary Middle East and North Africa.

The War Lawyers: The United States, Israel and Juridical Warfare  examines the involvement of military lawyers in aerial targeting operations carried out by the US military in Iraq & Afghanistan, & the Israeli military in Gaza & the West Bank. It draws on several years of fieldwork & over 50 interviews with US and Israeli military lawyers. It argues that international law has become part of the very fabric of later modern war and that US and Israeli military lawyers play a surprisingly crucial role in planning & executing a wide range of lethal & non-lethal military operations.

Craig also researches access to treatment for the sick and injured in a region where medical & healthcare infrastructures have been destroyed (often deliberately) by military and paramilitary violence. It focuses on three  conflicts in the Middle East - Gaza, Syria & Iraq - & traces the systems of casualty evacuation and medical care that have emerged within & across borders in the region. 

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