Law and the Future of War

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Ukraine - Benjamin Strick

November 03, 2022 Season 2 Episode 26
Law and the Future of War
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Ukraine - Benjamin Strick
Show Notes

This is the fourth episode in our series about accountability in Ukraine. This episode focuses on the collection and collation of information (and potential evidence) using open-source intelligence.  As you will hear, OSINT has played a key role in the development of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in the monitoring of conflict in Myanmar. Today we are speaking with a world expert in the skills required of open source intelligence collection – Benjamin Strick.

Benjamin is a digital investigator with a background in law, military and technology, specialising in open source intelligence (OSINT), investigations, influence operations, data and maps. He is known for his contributions to multiple streams of human rights abuse investigations; and accountability projects using his online investigation skills, as well as for generating discussion and sharing those skills to democratise OSINT analysis. 

Ben is the Director of Investigations for both the Centre for Information Resilience and the  Myanmar Witness Project. He was previously an open source investigator with BBC Africa Eye, is a Bellingcat contributor and a co-founder of Ocelli Project.  In 2021 he was awarded Open Source Intelligence Champion of the Year for his investment, commitment and contribution to the field. 

To learn more about OSINT and how it works, check out Ben's YouTube channel where he posts free digital research tutorials.  You can also learn more about Ben and his work by visiting his website or following him on Twitter. See also the OSINT Combine Academy.

To see the Russia-Ukraine Monitor Map, see:

To check if your passwords have been hacked and are online, see:

OSINT Volunteer projects:
National Child Protection Task Force
Europol Stop Child Abuse - Trace an Object

Episode edited by Rosie Carvdarski.